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Hangzhou Langhong Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, with vested capital: $13.5m, is an innovative and dynamic leading display and security solution provider for retailers worldwide. We are committed to standardized operations and was successfully listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange on September 1, 2022. By leveraging the power of the capital market, we strengthen internal control, expand scale, and steadily move forward. In May 2023, LHT was recognized as one of the first batch of Year 2023 "Specialized, refined, and new small and medium-sized enterprises" in Zhejiang Province. With our innovative technology and products, agile operations, competitive prices, best in class services, we’ve been building large customer base in the worldwide and offer our products to customers in many countries from global brands, telecom operators, electronic retail store chains, department stores, supermarkets, etc. “LHT” is the trademark of Langhong Technology Co. Ltd. Currently we have its own production base of over 23000 square meters, multiple production lines, and various large-scale or automated production equipment. We also have a comprehensive quality control system and have obtained quality and environmental management system certifications (ISO14001, ISO9001). We have a senior R&D, production, and sales team, since 2019, we have been awarded the "Intellectual Property Management System Certification" certificate. We commit to provide the best product and service to ensure your business.

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